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P.O.Box 2908 Damascus – Syria

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(+) 963 11 33 44 391/2

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Khaddour Law Office Profile

Khaddour Law Office Profile

The Khaddour Law Office is one of the few law offices in Syria, which have an international exposure and are equipped with qualified lawyers trained in international institutions and familiar with western legal practices and professional environment.

Founded in 2001, the office provides a full range of legal services locally as well as internationally through its links with correspondent offices in other parts of the world. Thus, offering a comprehensive set of services, which fully satisfy a client’s needs.

The recent changes in Syrian legislation, the government’s tendency towards liberalization and globalization and shifting from a planned economy to a free market economy, have made Syria an emerging market interesting for investors since it provides all the advantages such a market normally does. For these reasons, it is essential when operating in Syria to have recourse to the legal services of a law office that is updated with changes on both local and global markets and is capable of embracing change and development. This is secured through the professionalism of the team in the Syrian Legal Bureau and their full knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable in their jurisdiction and their understanding of the legal environment abroad. In addition to long established contacts in all government departments.

Clients are served in Khaddour Law Office  by a team of highly qualified lawyers, all members of the Syrian Bar Association and who are fully committed to providing clients with accurate, creative and cost effective advice.

The Khaddour Law Office  has become in a very short period one of the leading law offices in the capital Damascus.  It is engaged in general practice and specializes in business transactions, contracts, investment projects, litigation, arbitration, maritime law, labor law, and intellectual property.

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