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IRU GA - Geneva - May 2022

IRU GA - Geneva - May 2022

Mr. Naji Chaoui, President of the International Chamber of Commerce Syria, and TIR Syria team have attended virtually the General Assembly of the International Road Transport Union, which was held on 6th of May 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

In the presence of IRU president Radu Dinescud and the Secretary General of the International Road Transport Association, Mr. Umberto de Pretto, the following topics have been discussed: 1. The latest updates on the coordination with the external authorities in all TIR area. 2.  IRU alternative energy call to governments. 3.  IRU Position on accelerating the decarburization of road transport through the faster uptake of alternative fuels. 4.  IRU Position on the need for a global framework on the governance of transport data.