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P.O.Box 2908 Damascus – Syria

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(+) 963 11 33 44 391/2

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United Insurance Company Profile

United Insurance Company Profile

Company Profile

United Insurance Company (UIC) is considered as one of the prominent leading insurance companies in Syria. In June 2006, UIC was granted the first license from the Syrian Insurance Supervision Commission (SISC) to conduct insurance operations on the Syrian territory.

It was established by a group of Syrian and Arab insurance professionals and businessmen with a fully paid-up capital of 2.7 billion Syrian Pounds, and was the first Syrian licensed private insurance company to operate in Syria.

Since its launching, the company has been able in accordance to its expansion policy to create a wide network of branches spread across 11 Syrian governorates in addition to the head office in Damascus, in order to cover the widest area taking into account the large demographic distribution through the whole Syrian territory to provide comprehensive insurance services to all its clients and business partners spread across the Syrian territory.

Through the efforts of the Board of Directors, Executive Management and qualified staff, the company has reached the highest levels of professionalism, leadership and strength in terms of technical and financial results.

United Insurance Company has achieved significant growth in both business portfolio size and profits in its efforts to improve the level of insurance awareness in Syria through the distribution and support of a range of insurance services and solutions and diversification of its insurance portfolio, which took into account all the insurance needs in demand by the Syrian insurance market. This has strengthened the company’s financial capabilities and significantly granted each of its customers and shareholders’ confidence and trust. UIC was able to earn the large confidence of international Reinsurance companies that have provided UIC with the highest levels of support since its launch till date.


To work with high professionalism and to contribute in developing and increasing confidence in the Syrian insurance sector and to offer comprehensive insurance solutions and distinguished services covering our clients' needs.


To be the leading and trusted insurance partner.

Website: http://www.uic.com.sy