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was founded under the auspices of the United Nations in Geneva, on 23rd, March 1948. The IRU oversees the interests of the transport industry, where it works on facilitating road transport on a global scale. The IRU achieves this by issuing an international customs carnet that allows the passage of goods across countries. This TIR carnet seeks the trust of the destination Customs Administrations of all customs administrations that the truck passes.

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) conducts quarterly training sessions for those who wish to promote efficiency, and provide access to new legislation as well as any amendments to the global TIR System.180 members across 5 continents and 72 countries, work together in order to ensure the development of road transport. Their motto is "Working together for a better future."

acceded to the TIR Convention and began its implementation in 2000. The International Chamber of Commerce in Syria is deemed the guarantor of the implementation of the TIR Convention. Additionally, ICC-Syria is responsible for the issuing of TIR Carnets, as well as acting as the mediator between IRU and the Syrian General Customs Directorate. Syria´s accession to the TIR Convention has strengthened the presence of the Syrian fleet in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and other countries; previously there were considerable difficulties in their presence, considering the large guarantees to be provided at each border.

Syrian TIR department has 12 active companies that are of the most important transport and transit companies operating in Syria under the TIR Convention and include all governorates of the Syrian Arab Republic.

TIR Department Goals and Objectives:

Provide training courses on the latest developments in the TIR system and on how to deal with the TIR Carnet at the border points, in order to improve the quality of services and to ensure compliance of the training standards with the international legislation, and for promoting export and facilitation of transport operations with the world countries that work fast on the exchange of goods in the global trade world.

Provide companies with necessary information to meet the new requirements and standards for information technology systems in order to deal with the new European Union systems (TIR-EPD).

Cooperation with the relevant government authorities to contribute effectively in creating a real balance between the need to develop and facilitate the road transport process and the interests of all parties to move forward in the march of the pursuit and development.

Cooperation for the issuance of the new transport law which the Ministry of Transport has worked on developing, to regulate the transport of goods in Syria with a delegation from IRU in Geneva. This is in order to bring about consistency between the new road transport law and the international laws, where IRU has worked on creating a regional institute (Academy) in Syria concerned with training those who wish to work in the field of road transport in order to improve the concept of road safety and enhance the capacity of the international road transport drivers and improve the image of this profession.

Work on the signing of memorandums of understanding between the countries to grant visas to the drivers to facilitate transition and to address all the obstacles for the development of export operations from Syria to Europe and other countries.

Follow-up on the latest technical developments in administrative management and electronic archiving, working on the use of a new system for electronic transmission prepared by IRU under the title (AskTIR) and it is a recent and developed system for the exchange of instant information via the latest technologies in order to upgrade the work level.

Cooperation with IRU to be informed of the status of the TIR Carnets through an advanced system called (CUTE-Wise) and is available on the internet through www.cutewise.org website which gives details of the TIR Carnets and information about the termination of the transport operation, whether still valid, cancelled, other details concerning the issuing Association, etc …

Emphasize the role and importance of the road transport industry and its position towards the various issues and dissemination of documented data and information through news releases issued by IRU in Switzerland / Geneva.

The positive developments and opportunities that are being provided in the road transport industry indicate a bright future under the umbrella of IRU.

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