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Mr. Naji Chaoui

Chairman Foreword

Mr. Naji Chaoui

Ladies and Gentlemen,


2018, was a challenging year at all levels, but because of the appreciated hard work of our fellow members and staff, we have been able to continue the ground breaking work that our founder predecessors in the ICC – Syrian National Committee had done.

As you all know, the Syrian business community have always been historically vibrant. Many of us, professionals, and actors of the Syrian private sector, are striving to preserve our business legacies and social role. 

In these circumstances, the Syrian National Committee of the ICC, will continue to engage with the various national and international stakeholders, in support of the Syrian private sector, which is an important vector for reconstruction of our beloved country.


We shall do so by contributing, through a variety of activities, to disseminate and raise awareness, among our members, of the ICC advocacy work for responsible business conduct, and in the challenges of different changes.


Naji Chaoui

Chairman - ICC Syria